Turn of the Century Filipino Dining at Crisostomo

I love the tag line of Crisostomo so I decided to try their food.  I have to admit their food is nothing special but I am curious to try all of the items on their menu.  This experience was not that good as I expected.  Perhaps, I should not be coming into an expensive restaurant and expect to be treated like a king.


Bistek Pelaez Tagalog (P850) - I love Bistek Tagalog so I decided to give this dish a try.  I was impressed because the beef is tender and it is mixed with soft potatoes.

Fresh Buko (P150) - I was surprised at how fast they served my Fresh Buko juice order.  The juice was not cold though so they could improve on that.

Tinolang Matanglawin (395) - Their chicken tinola was good and it included 4 pieces of chicken.  The soup was average but I think they should have increased the number of chicken pieces.

Crisostomo Kare Kare (495) - Kare Kare is one of my favorite Filipino dishes so I ordered this right away.  Well, their version has a huge serving so it is good enough for 3-4 people.


Sizzling Lengua (395) - I love Lengua ever since I was a kid so I was very excited when I saw this on their menu.  The fact that it is sizzling makes it a lot better than it already is.

Paella (395) - I love it when a Paella is full of hidden meat and that is exactly what this Paella is all about.


Bottomless Pandan Iced Tea (98) - Their pandan iced tea was too sweet so I only had 3 glasses.  I believe I was not able to make up for the price of the drink.


Sinang Con Laing (195) - I love to order vegetables and I love coconut oil so I wanted to try their Laing.  I have to admit it was good enough to satisfy my craving but nothing special here.


Pinakbet (325) - My all time favorite Filipino dish but it would be better if it had more lechon bits.  I was not that impressed with the serving of this dish.

Rating : 3/5

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Unknown ayon kay ...

Looking at the dishes and the servings I think it's a little bit pricey and as you said there's nothing special about the dishes hmmmmmmm

Anyway thanks for sharing your review in this place =)

Unknown ayon kay ...

All is well, this so truly and proudly Filipino even the name speaks for itself Crisostomo... the main character in El Filibusterismo

Jerwel De Perio ayon kay ...

I think It might be too pricey it is just ordinary serving. But great review there. :D

Lady Patchy ayon kay ...

I am really missing Filipino food.I can't cook some here because of lack of ingredients.

Ron Leyba ayon kay ...

Fresh Buko for 150 pesos. What?

YANI ayon kay ...

So it must be the Paella that I should order next time I dine here :)

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