Praising Serenitea

I will never get sick of the tea choices at Serenitea.  They seem to serve the best and affordable ones.  One good evidence is you will observe them having so many customers at Tea Avenue (Banawe) while all of their competitors have flies.  Everybody knows how there are so many tea concoction stores in that street and everyone simply chooses Serenitea.

I will never forget how the owner of Serenitea said at Entrepreneur magazine that you will never know if your business would become successful until you try it.  He told a story about how business was bad for their San Juan branch for the first 4 months.  However, they did not give up and business boomed after that.  They were able to put up a ton of branches.

They were also able to attract a lot of competitors who are not afraid to open a similarly themed place right across one of their branches.  Of course, the owners would gladly welcome the friendly competition.

Hokkaido Milk Tea with egg pudding and Okinawa Milk Tea - My favorite sinker is egg pudding because it goes well with my favorite milk tea, Hokkaido.

Serenitea's top 10 could make for a good bucket list for milk tea lovers.

Green Tea Mango Frost - It is one of the drinks that Serenitea offers exclusively.  This is one drink that is perfect for the hot weather.

Nagoya Milk Tea - Vanilla ice cream would love this milk tea as it is mixed with creamy vanilla flavor.

Royal Milk Tea with Panacotta - Only in Serenitea will you see Panacotta being offered as a sinker.  It certainly went well with Royal milk tea, a drink that has nothing to do with the soda of the same name.

Chicken Chops - These crunchy chicken chops are perfect for meryenda.

Honeydew Matcha - I love the combination of honeydew and matcha here.  They combined to make a glorious taste.

Rating: 4.5/5


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Melody Co ayon kay ...

wow they added a lot of things already! try also gluteany in qc near banawe. one of my favs =)

MsKathyKenny ayon kay ...

I do like Serenitea. They have good milk teas and it was their milk tea that made me fall in love with milk tea.

theresa ayon kay ...

my first taste of Serenitea is in Eastwood years back. I just ope there's one here in Pampanga..

Unknown ayon kay ...

One of my favorite tea shop is Serenitea! They are surely making their name as one of the leading brand in the tea industry. :)

Rain ayon kay ...

Love that HONEYDEW MATCHA! :) actually recommending it to everyone! :)

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