Tea 101 has superb drinks

I must admit I am a milk tea addict so I had to try milk teas at all the milk tea stores I see.  Tea 101 is no different since I always pass by its Tomas Morato branch.  I notice there is always a promotion there since there was a Tea all you can before and now there is a buy 2 take 1 promo.  When you buy two milk teas, you will get a free drink but you must choose between 3 flavors which includes lychee slush and peach mango nata.

This one is Wintermelon Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream which is a flavor I have not seen in any other milk tea establishment so I have to applaud the creative team of Tea 101.

 This one is Okinawa Milk Tea which is my favorite milk tea of all time.
 I have to admit Wintermelon with Egg Pudding is an old time favorite of mine.  However, I am getting addicted to their Matcha with Rock Salt & Cheese nowadays.  

Each Tea 101 branch even has high speed internet connection so you can stay there for hours without noticing the time.

                                                                 Coconut Milk Tea
                                                              Green Tea Heineken
                                                                  Taro Milk Tea

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Rating: 4 /5

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CrescentFire ayon kay ...

Starting the fall of the popularity of teas, I haven't really had the chance to go to tea shops lately; but I'm willing to try this one out :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

Its big space and nice ambiance is surely entice drinkers to buy milk tea. :)

jayresa ayon kay ...

I'm super in love with teas! Aside from they're healthy, it's a better alternative to sodas. I've been obsessedkc with sodasbefore eh.. :( Not so healthy!

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