Getting my mout DIrrrrrrrrty at TSG

I was so excited about visiting the Sandwich Guy after ignoring it for the past few years.  I love the fact that their bread is grilled and not fried which means it is very healthy.  I loved how they designed their logo and the overall look of the store.  

There were only two people at the kiosk so I was very impressed at how they handled all the customers who wanted sandwiches. 

When it was time to order, I just could not miss the TSG Big Time.  My date had the Mushy Bacon sandwich which was basically their version of the bacon mushroom melt.   We also had pesto pasta with chicken.  My suggestion is to increase the size of the pasta's container.  I think it was too small which made it unattractive.  Both sandwiches and the pasta were good though so that made up for the size of the container.

As expected, my mouth became a complete mess after gulping down both sandwiches.  I'm never good when it comes to proper table manners anyway.  Most of the people that go here are people who just finished hitting the gym at Fitness First.  That is not such a bad idea since some sandwiches are healthy enough for those who want to watch what they eat.  

Rating: 5/5

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Algene ayon kay ...

I love sandwiches! Not so heavy kasi :p Perfect for a hungry stomach na ayaw naman ng mga heavy foods. lol SULIT!

It'sBeryllicious ayon kay ...

i've tried TSG sandwiches before and i must say that their sandwiches are very filling and yes healthy at the same time :)

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