Flapjacks makes the best pancakes in the country

I would always crave for the pancakes at Flapjacks because they are so delicious.  However, I would always end up ordering extra butter so I would put one roll of butter per pancake.  Flapjacks is my favorite Bistro restaurant not because of the pancakes but the other dishes are good as well.  The pancakes are so good that I already ate one piece before taking a picture of it.  

 My girlfriend is on a diet so she ordered Caesar Salad at first while I ordered Salisbury Steak.  However, she can't resist the foods here so we also ordered Parmesan Chicken Wings which did not last long in our table.

Whenever I go to Flapjacks, I would always tell the order taker to have someone make the pancake while I decide on the other things I would order.  The pancake here is a can't miss and I would really recommend it over other establishments that have overrated pancakes.  It is a good thing the other stuff on the menu are very good as well.

Rating: 4/5

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