135 pesos eat all you can at Finio

I have never eaten at Finio so eating here was a big surprise because of how good the breakfast buffet is at only 135 pesos.  It also includes bottomless orange juice even though the juice was not that good.  The viands included chicken ala king, hotdog, eggs, tocino, sardines and soup. 

We arrived at close to 1030 AM so I was surprised at how they were still refilling the food even though they should be taking the trays away by that time.  I was impressed by this gesture because other breakfast buffets actually stop refilling 10 minutes before the scheduled end time. 

 It was one of the best breakfast buffets in the area and I will definitely be coming back if I wake up that early.

Rating: 4/5

Delicious Ramen at Kenji Tei

Ramen is slowly gaining popularity in the country as some ramen themed restaurants are popping up everywhere.  One of the best ones I have seen so far is Keni Tei located at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5.  All of the food we ordered were a bit pricey but they were very good.  


We ordered Salmon Sashimi, Cheese Gyoza, Oyakudon, House Iced Tea and their specialty ramen that I forgot the name.  All these dishes did not disappoint and the iced tea was good at a handsome price of PHP 55.  

My girlfriend rarely likes a restaurant and she gives this ramen house two thumbs up.  We will definitely be back as long as we are in the Makati area which rarely happens.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Soya Bar is my type of bar

We found a new tambayan in Soya Bar.  They offer a lot of drinks mixed with soya including the classic soya milk.  I am a certified taho lover since I was a kid so this place appeals to me a lot.  

The Chicken Quesadillas priced at PHP 108 for sharing is good enough to satisfy the hunger of 3 people.  They also have cheese mousse series mixed with soy as you can choose from Green Tea, Coffee and Chocolate.

Their Soya Bubble Milk Tea is their best seller but I prefer mine without pearls.  I have to give props to this place because it also has high speed WiFi.  The prices are also reasonable so I will definitely come back for more.

Rating: 4.5/5

Fast Rising Tao Yuan

Tao Yuan is another one of those Chinese restaurants that has many managers and servers that you will most likely mistake a customer for a server.  They are expecting many people to come to their restaurant and they are right.  The service is good because some staff are literally watching some people eat because they are waiting for any additional order or any empty plates to take out. 

                                          Birthday Misua (338)

                                          Ox Tongue with Mushroom (368)

                                          Unicorn Style Chicken with Ham and Black Mushroom 600

                                          Singapore Claypot Seafood Noodle (368)

                                          Salted Pork with Spinach (388)

 There is no question why this restaurant has a growing amount of branches in popular malls.  Their service is good and their food is delicious.  However, their food is very pricey but they are worth the price especially the hainanese chicken.  They are known for having the best hainanese chicken in the country even though some restaurants would disagree.

Rating: 4/5

Getting my mout DIrrrrrrrrty at TSG

I was so excited about visiting the Sandwich Guy after ignoring it for the past few years.  I love the fact that their bread is grilled and not fried which means it is very healthy.  I loved how they designed their logo and the overall look of the store.  

There were only two people at the kiosk so I was very impressed at how they handled all the customers who wanted sandwiches. 

When it was time to order, I just could not miss the TSG Big Time.  My date had the Mushy Bacon sandwich which was basically their version of the bacon mushroom melt.   We also had pesto pasta with chicken.  My suggestion is to increase the size of the pasta's container.  I think it was too small which made it unattractive.  Both sandwiches and the pasta were good though so that made up for the size of the container.

As expected, my mouth became a complete mess after gulping down both sandwiches.  I'm never good when it comes to proper table manners anyway.  Most of the people that go here are people who just finished hitting the gym at Fitness First.  That is not such a bad idea since some sandwiches are healthy enough for those who want to watch what they eat.  

Rating: 5/5

Flapjacks makes the best pancakes in the country

I would always crave for the pancakes at Flapjacks because they are so delicious.  However, I would always end up ordering extra butter so I would put one roll of butter per pancake.  Flapjacks is my favorite Bistro restaurant not because of the pancakes but the other dishes are good as well.  The pancakes are so good that I already ate one piece before taking a picture of it.  

 My girlfriend is on a diet so she ordered Caesar Salad at first while I ordered Salisbury Steak.  However, she can't resist the foods here so we also ordered Parmesan Chicken Wings which did not last long in our table.

Whenever I go to Flapjacks, I would always tell the order taker to have someone make the pancake while I decide on the other things I would order.  The pancake here is a can't miss and I would really recommend it over other establishments that have overrated pancakes.  It is a good thing the other stuff on the menu are very good as well.

Rating: 4/5

It's Vikings Time!

One of the things listed down in my bucket list is to eat at Vikings and I was able to accomplish that on this glorious day.  I can't believe the amount of people who are willing to wait just to get in the restaurant.  When we came, we were given a number of 45 and the last person who was called had a number of 17 which means we were in for a long night.  We ended up waiting for an hour and a half before we got our table.  While we were waiting, I asked if I can take a look at the food choices at the buffet table and they allowed me to.  When they allowed that to happen, I decided to take pictures of the food so when we would eat right away when we finally had a table.  

When we were finally let in, a lot of people celebrated their birthday at Vikings because of the special discount given to them which I believe was 5%.  When we finished a plate, it took the crew a very long time before they would take it.  I was very disappointed with the service of the restaurant even if they had a lot of customers.  That should not be an excuse because there were a lot of waiters who were supposed to do their job.  

I actually missed out on some of the food items that I took a picture of including the steamed chicken with oyster sauce and meatballs.  Since lengua and beef stew are my favorites, I quickly went after those things when were finally given a table.  I decided to try their create a pizza and create a pasta but I was not able to finish the pizza.  I decided to pull a Mr. Bean and hid the parts so they would not charge me for the leftovers.  

I loved the Australian steak and Tenderloin.  There were some food choices that disappointed us like the chicken feet and the fruit shakes while some were good like the siomai and paella.  The choices are so many that it is impossible to be able to try all of them.  It would take a lot of visits before you can taste all of their food choices.  

I will certainly come back to try out the dishes I missed.  I loved the desert because it included taho, create your own bibingka and create your own crepe.  There were only two choices for the fruit shakes but they could have been more creative and turned the ice cream they had into milkshakes as well.

I have to say the only disappointment for this place was the service.  There was even one time when I called the attention of the server and he did not acknowledge me even though I am very sure he saw me call him.
Rating: 4/5