Awesome Food at Stackers Cafe

I missed the Bloggers event at Stackers Cafe, Eastwood but that did not stop me from trying out its food at Resorts World.  I have to say the food was good but nothing special.  We ordered sour cream fries, crispy burger without onion bits and lettuce and baked fried chicken.  Since the last bloggers event was about the baked fried chicken of Stackers, I just had to try it out.  

If the chicken is indeed for health buffs then that is good.  However, fat people will not like this chicken because it does not taste that good.  If you are looking for crunchy and tasty fried chicken then this is not the one you are looking for.  I also chose to try their Iced tea which was good.  

The total bill was around 560 peyses (Tnx Eat Bulaga) which was for a 2 pc baked fried chicken with rice, sour cream fries, house iced tea and two burgers.  The menu looks expensive but we actually got our money's worth in this restaurant.

Score: 3 out of 5

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