Asya is Better than Advertised

One of the original restaurants at Centris Walk is Asya.  It offers various Asian food so you have a lot of choices in the menu.  We chose to have a little mix of Filipino food and Singapore food as we ordered Pinakbet, Sinigang Salmon and Hainanese Chicken.  All these dishes were very good as I did not expect them to be that good.  I also loved the way they decorated the chairs as you would think there is a person in every table if you look at it from afar.  

My girlfriend exclaimed the Sinigang Salmon here is better than the one at Conti's which says a lot about the food in this restaurant.  I have to say the food I ate were good enough to satisfy my craving.  This is one restaurant I will definitely come back to because I would also want to taste the other dishes they have.

Score: 3 out of 5

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