An Unforgettable Bubble Tea Experience

We went to Bubble Tea because my girlfriend is craving for salmon.  She says they have the best salmon in the country and I agree.  For the first time, we ordered their Takoyaki.  I would say their Takoyaki is pretty decent but nothing special.  

It is no secret the milk tea craze has hit the country like a typhoon.  It may be reaching its climax but I think it is stuck on most people like coffee.  I am addicted to milk tea myself and there are some unique tea choices at Bubble Tea.  Most of their milk tea choices are also available as a milkshake.  This is one place you should order drinks even if you are on a strict water only diet.  We ordered taro milk tea and honey dew melon tea.  There is an option to switch the sugar brand to Splenda to lessen the sweetness.  

 Since it was a rainy day, we tried their Beef Stew Udon and Seafood Misu Udon.  The Seafood Misu Udon was good as it even included salmon.  For the main course, I could not resist ordering Chicken Curry because it is my favorite dish in this restaurant.  Even if I just ate at another restaurant, I would still order their Chicken Curry.  That is how addicting this dish is for me.

My girlfriend loves their salmon sashimi and I can see why.  I would glance at the other tables and they also have this dish on their table.  Their salmon sashimi is the biggest reason why we always come back to Bubble Tea, Tomas Morato.  I am glad to see they are opening a branch at Al Fresco, Trinoma.  There is no doubt I will pay that branch a ton of visits once it opens.

Rating: 4 / 5

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It'sBeryllicious ayon kay ...

ohh.. i wanna try their chicken curry too! :) we love Bubble Tea's milktea! :)

Ria Hazel ayon kay ...

I love Bubble Tea's milk tea. And yung tofu rin nila is yummy. :) I'm intrigued by the chicken curry too :D

Sumi Go ayon kay ...

I got into the milk tea craze because of Bubble Tea. Even before Gong Cha, Chatime and other milk tea houses, I already fell in love with Bubble Tea. Anyway, I can somehow agree with you. Had salmon sashimi at Bubble Tea and they're really great! I can't say it's the best in the country though 'cause the ones from Kitsho in Traders Hotel is better in some way :)

Justin ayon kay ...

This make me wanna try Bubble Tea's. I have high standard with milk tea, the best milktea I've tasted so far was in Sabah.

Unknown ayon kay ...

I guess I try this place when I get back to Manila. Everything looks so good =)

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