Yogane at Il Terrazo defines Korean food

I joined other food bloggers for the soft opening of Yogane at Il Terrazo a couple of weeks ago.  Our group included Alwin of, Ayzi of, Janese of lakwatseramom, Cha of travelonashoestring and Vance of matakawako.  All their blogs are good so check them out.  Back to Yogane, I am not really high on spicy food but I love going to soft openings.  The restaurant was designed quite well as their specialty Yogane's Marinated Chicken Galbi Rice was cooked right in front of us.

I panicked and asked for more water after a couple of bites of this dish.  It looked a lot like paella in the end but it is pretty good.  However, it is very spicy but some of the bloggers were not affected that much because of their high tolerance for spices.  

I was so hungry I quickly feasted on the first dish served to us which was the Chap Chae.  If you noticed the photos in the other blogs were missing something, the reason for that is I already ate some of it.  The Beef Bulgogi was good and nothing really special came out of that.

Their menu did not contain much items but that can be forgiven because they are still new.  They must have had a good interior designer work on their place because the place was designed beautifully.

Overall, I would love to come back here but not anytime soon because of my low tolerance for spices.

Rating: 3 out of 5

I have to thank Ms. Marry Ann Barbieto for inviting me to this extraordinary event


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