Trying the Flavors of Asia at Marriott Cafe

I'm back at Marriott Cafe sooner than I expected thanks to a 1k off coupon my Daddy gave me.  Me and my girlfriend celebrated our 26th at Marriott Cafe and I was unaware of the "promotion" they were having as it was a flavors of Asia day.  This is the first time I saw a promotion where the buffet price was higher than usual as it was 1850 per head instead of the usual 1550 price tag.  For the first time, there were bottomless drinks in the buffet including black tea and lime juice which resulted in a lot of glass in our table since the glass were too small.  

I was looking for pasta but I found out Vietnamese noodle soup took its place.  Apart from the usual Chinese choices, the rest of the choices were entirely different as there were no potatoes because of the said promotion.  Once again, the service crew was trying to take out my plate while I was still eating.  If that is not annoying then I don't know what is.  

 Black Tea, Avocado with Chocolate, Water and Lime Juice
 Bread Pudding and Gelato
 Watermelon, Papaya and cakes
 Rice with coconut oil, Roasted Peking Duck, Fresh Lumpia, Hakaw, Chicken
 Shrimp on Sugar Cane, Roast Beef, Pork, Hakaw, Rice
 Vietnamese Noodle Soop

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Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

I haven't experience the waiter taking out my plate when I'm still eating. Hopeful not to encounter that.

I'm smitten by the crab dish. It's been a while since I ate one :3

Dems of (there's no Name/URL option)

Jhoysi ayon kay ...

They do serve al ot of Asian Food at Marriot, yes?

Unknown ayon kay ...

so which of those are good to order?

reg ayon kay ...

those foods are salivating...hate the waiter!!jeje lol

Unknown ayon kay ...

If you were still eating, then I'd see it as rude. It would be okay if you stopped for a while, and then that would be his cue to take out the plate. Great pics, by the way! drooling!!!

Aldous ayon kay ...

It was a buffet even though they also have a la carte =) EVERYTHING is good to try

Aldous ayon kay ...

I agree..However, I was still eating that time..The waiter made up for it by pointing to me where the drinks are. I did not actually notice the drinks at first.

Aldous ayon kay ...

It was just on this day because of the Flavors of Asia theme..On a normal Marriott Cafe buffet, there is a lot of American food =)

Aldous ayon kay ...

The crab was very good =)

Aldous ayon kay ...

Who cares about the waiter? We come here for the FOOD hehe

J. ayon kay ...

I hope to be able to try the Flavors of Asia at Marriott with my boys soon. I love asian food! I just hope Marriott wasn't so far from where we live.

My Tummy is Full

Aldous ayon kay ...

Flavors of Asia is only until this month though.

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