Ramen X marks the spot

At first, I thought Ramen X is a hot pot Japanese cuisine.  When I entered their branch at Trinoma, I was surprised it was a budget friendly Japanese restaurant.  They also have 99 peso bottomless rice meals.  I also encountered the cheapest Hokkaido milk tea I have ever seen at only 50 pesos.  However, the taste was fit for a 50 peso milk tea.  The cashier recommended we try the fried gyoza and it was another let down.

I ordered Yoshi's Ramen while my girlfriend ordered Hyu Niku (sp?) ramen since it was a very rainy day.  I added one of their bottomless rice meals since I was a little hungry.  The serving was big so you are going to get your money's worth.

It is very surprising how a budget friendly restaurant like this can compete with other Al Fresco restaurants at Trinoma especially with Bubble Tea and Racks opening soon at the same level.  The food was cheap but the food was not that satisfying.

Score: 2..5/5

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