Nice going, Mary Grace

Mary Grace (the owner of the establishment) started out selling ensaymadas at bazaars then evolved into a coffee shop.  She always made sure she would be able to sell something everyday even if it is raining hard.  I recommend all the house iced teas here as well as the cheese ensaymada roll.  

Their entrees were great including Black Rosemary Chicken over couscous.  Unfortunately, I already took a bite before I took a picture of it.  All the pastas were amazing but they all have a heavy price tag.  However, you can be rest assured they are all worth the price.  The staff were very friendly as you can tell they were properly trained.

It is a rule to always try out their dessert and their server recommended the Mango Bene.  It tasted really good and it instantly became my favorite cake.  I also tried my all time favorite, Tiramisu but Mango Bene was better.

 I would certainly come back for the mango pene alone.  Cafe Mary Grace actually deserves to have as much branches as Starbucks.  Sorry, Starbucks fans but you have met your match.  The only thing I did not like was the lack of entree choices but this place is not meant to make your stomach full anyway.

Score: 4 out of 5

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Joy Calipes-Felizardo ayon kay ...

The food look great! Just love the homey feel at Cafe Mary Grace! Have you tried their hot choco? They ave a number of selection. BTW, followed you just now, hope you return the favor and follow me too! Thanks! My link:

Aldous ayon kay ...

Alright tnx...Nope, I have yet to try their hot choco..=)

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