Imported Products at Unbelievable Prices

My friend just opened here store a few months ago and business is booming.  It won't be long before she become the next Manny V. Pangilinan.  Unlike MVP, she will definitely get married to her long time boyfriend Mark Mangahassss.  In a wise decision, she is acting as the cashier, promodiser, management trainee, janitor, messenger and operations manager of the store.  A lot of food items are available here and you won't believe their prices.  

I sat down with Tuti Chelle CEO Rio Reyes and her lovable hubby Mark Mangaha$ for a short interview.  However, I am not planning to become the next Ricky Lo.

controversialcomments: What is your message to aspiring young me?
Rio Reyes: You won't get rich by working an 8-5 job, that's for sure.  You have to start your own business.

controversialcomments: Any plans on expanding your store?
Rio Reyes: We are planning to have more branches next year so watch out for that.

controversialcomments: I guess you would need a *ahem* manager eh?
Rio Reyes: Yes, we are certainly looking for the right person for this job.

controversialcomments: How does it feel to become the first celebrity to be interviewed by the hungry hippie hippo?
Rio Reyes: It is my pleasure

controversialcomments: You know what, I think I am very qualified to model your products.
Rio Reyes: Ahm, I don't think anybody would buy if that happens.

controversialcomments: With that, I would like to thank Ms. Reyes for letting me explore her wonderful store.
Mark Mangahas: Hi Mom!

The store also included SBC coffee mix, Stars & Stripes soda (quickly sold out) and Prune juice.  Some customers also resell the products while some make reservations for items that got sold out.  

The store is located at Circle C Mall, Congressional Avenue Quezon City right in front of Hardware Exchange. 

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Unknown ayon kay ...

Hey Friend! Thank you for Posting this--Really, Its a Great Help! Come and Visit Us at Circle C Mall Ground Level Congressional Ave Q.C Open Mon-Fri 10 Am to 9 Pm,Sat 9 Am to 9 Pm!

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Francis C. Catoera ayon kay ...

watch out for new surprises as the Tutichelles will come to life..............literally. Cannot wait for the suspense? Just keep visiting our store and you will find out many more new and exciting products plus the lovable Tutichelles along with great US products. Available soon in the Philippines at Circle C Mall.

Aldous ayon kay ...

Bukas na po un sa Circle C

Unknown ayon kay ...

Wishing Ms. Tuti Chelle great luck. Will pass by one day. :)

eji patanao ayon kay ...

Good luck to her, I am also aspiring to be an entrepreneur one day, well of course after being a marketing/Practitioner. Where is the store located? Would love to visit sometime since those products are waaaay over rated when buying it on Supermarkets. ;) Visit my site!

wild and fierce

Lucky Finds ayon kay ...

they sure have a wide variety of munches to offer. looking forward to dropping by their store soon.

a ayon kay ...

Good luck and congratulations :) Will try to visit their shop one of these days.


Unknown ayon kay ...

yeah.the prices are really affordable.. at mukang masasarap pa..

It'sBeryllicious ayon kay ...

i wanna try that apple chips!! looks really good! :)

Aldous ayon kay ...

It is located at Circle C Mall, QC near Trinoma. The store is in front of Hardware Exchange =)

Unknown ayon kay ...

dreamed to be an entrepreneur someday! thanks for this post! such an inspiration po

Francis C. Catoera ayon kay ...

Tutichelles are visioned characters that will become part of the company. For the meantime, keep checking for new deals and items arriving daily. Thanks ;-)

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