Dads gets rennovated for the better

Dads West Avenue branch got renovated and got even better.  They added Sambojokin downstairs and that place attracted my attention but Dads was just too hard to resist.  One of the notable additions was the delicious eggplant mushroom lasagna.  Its one of those dishes I just can't get enough of.  Another notable addition was crispy pata.  This is actually the first time I have seen this expensive dish at a buffet which explains why runs out almost as fast as the tempura.  Dads is a nice combination of American, Japanese and Filipino food.  You have the option of ordering bottomless iced tea with a stuffed toy but the price may be shocking.  They will also give you a card where you would get a stamp for each person that avails of the buffet.  10 stamps would equal to one free buffet so you would definitely come back for more.  The valet parking is free so it is something you won't have to worry about.


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