My way or the Tramway

A visit to tramway is always worth the price since it is an eat all you can buffet priced at just 205 pesos per person.  The usual choices include fish, yang chow rice, siomai, fried shark's fin, fried chicken and fruits.  You should never be surprised at the amount of people that go here as its target is those of class C.  If you plan to go here, you should come early or reserve ahead of schedule.  The food taste is average but it is good enough for 205 pesos.  The water is self service so you would not have to call the attention every time you need a refill for your glass of water.  That would be enough to encourage you to not order any drinks.

Again, I apologize for the lack of quality in these pictures.

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YANI ayon kay ...

Is this Tramway, Quezon City?
I tried their latest branch in Shaw last year for my birthday celebration ^_^

Aldous ayon kay ...

Yup. Timog branch =)

levicorpus ayon kay ...

sama ng lasa dyan ew

Aldous ayon kay ...

Parepareho kasi ulam hehe

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