Celebrity Deathmatch Edition #1 : Battle of Jeremys

Jeremy Lin        vs.    Jeremy Rozul

It is the ultimate white vs black battle everyone has been anticipating for quite some time.  Let us look at both sides of the story.

Known for:
Lin - Who could ever forget Linsanity? He led the Knicks to a winning streak and his fantasy owners to a losing streak.  After that, he gets injured and is never heard from again.
Rozul - Putting his ugly ass on the bench of unlucky teams during summer league.  If this guy fails to land a team, then there is still one team that is still willing to bid for his services.  The committee.

Looking at the future:
Lin - He just signed a 3 year 25 million dollar deal for the Houston Rockets.  Will he follow Yao's footsteps as the next injury prone Chinese player?  Speaking in behalf of Chinese basketball fans, I certainly hope not.
Rozul - It remains to be seen if we will see anything change.  Rozul will still roam the streets of Philam looking like he just woke up and has yet to take a bath in 10 years.

How's the language?
Lin - For someone who looks Chinese, Lin does not speak broken English.  He speaks like the true Harvard graduate that he is.
Rozul - Rozul's voice is so annoying that he drives the customers of his sewing business away.

If this is a basketball game, Lin would run circles around Rozul.  However, if this is an eating contest then you can expect Rozul to eat everything in sight including Lin himself!

To all Jeremy fans(both Lin and Rozul), I am just joking so lighten up.  This message was made knowing there are actually fans of Rozul but we all know there are none.

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