Team Aldous 90, Sogo Red 81

In a win that solidifies their status as one of the league's best, Team Aldous beat the Sogo Reds 90-81.

With their 4th straight win, Team Aldous is now one of the league's 3 undefeated teams.  They now go head to head with one of them this Sunday as they take on the Sogo Blacks in one of the league's most anticipated matchups.

Team Aldous were up by 23 at halftime but Sogo Red staged a rally and were able to pull within 6 a couple of times.

"They made a comeback but we kept our composure." Coach Aldous Calubad who had 10 pts, 7 rebounds and 4 assists said. "We are after the championship and I want to put everyone on notice."

"We were beaten by the better team today." Sogo Red coach Melvin Acosta said.

Michael de Leon and Cyril Ramirez led Team Aldous with 20 points a piece as they welcomed the debut of Richard Ubaldo and Mark Parungao who both missed the first 3 games with flu like symptoms.

Team Aldous played 8 players which is their most this season.  They have showed the league that quality is better than quantity.

After the game, both players were mobbed by media but Team Aldous security personnel led by Francis "The Ugly Duckling" kept them from getting a word.

"Quack quack quack quack quack", he said.

Off to their best start, Team Aldous is going after the championship after multiple setbacks over the past few years.

"This is the best team I have been in." Cyril Ramirez said. "Everyone should buy their Team Aldous merchandise at"

There is now word that official Team Aldous shoes are getting made.

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