Team Aldous 78, Yellows 76

Think Team Aldous is going down? Think again.

With only 6 players dressed up, Team Aldous still managed to find a way to beat the Yellows 78-76.

The Yellows were up 76-75 with 17 seconds left.  General Manager Aldous Calubad was fouled then sank the first but missed the 2nd.  Team Aldous had the rebound with the game tied. Paeng faked a 3 then passed it to Aldous who made a blind pass to Chris Lim for the game winning shot.

"Everybody loved the assist but not my game winning shot?" Chris said. "Seriously?"

The odds were never more stacked against Team Aldous as star center Cyril Ramirez missed the game to attend a gay friend's graduation.  Okay, so it was his own graduation.  Vergel Matias also missed the game with flu like symptoms.

"When will you people learn?" Playing coach Aldous Calubad who had 11 points to go along with 11 rebounds said. "Our team is deeper than the Pacific Ocean."

The Yellow team were up 6 at halftime and led as much as 14 midway through the 3rd quarter.  Everyone started heading through the exits when Team Aldous staged a rally in the 4th quarter led by 3 3point shots each by Reggie and Michael de Leon.

"Fortunately, I had my shooting touch today." Reggie who had 15 pts on 5/7 3 pt FG said. "There was not much defense so they paid the price."

The game had its share of physicality.  Both Reggie and Michael de Leon were tagged with technical fouls.

"I asked the referee what I said to get the T."  Reggie said. "For some reason, he doesn't know either."

Team Aldous now holds an undefeated record of 3-0 along with the Black team.  Unlike the Black team, all of the victories of Team Aldous have been by 5 points or less.

"I am all about keeping the fans on the edge of their seats." Coach Aldous Calubad said. "We are intentionally keeping the games close so they will have something to cheer about."

MVP candidate Michael de Leon had his 3rd 30 point game of the young season. He was even labeled as a white Derrick Rose by an announcer who does not know who Russell Westbrook is.

"I was just being aggressive and slashing to the hoop." he said. "Taking no prisoners is my mission."

With this win, Team Aldous now assures that they will be going to the quarter finals.  They just don't know who they would face from the other bracket.

"We feel we can take on anybody." Paeng Enriquez who had an off night with 1/5 3 point shooting said. " Our confidence is so high right now"

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