Red Buffalo @ GTC

We just discovered a new place to hang out and it is Greenhills Town Center.  The place is like a smaller version of Serendra and the best part about it is it does not too many people.  The first time I went there, I ate at Red Buffalo and I have yet to try the other restaurants.

The Food

All the pizzas are a must try especially the Breakfast pizza as you won't often see sausages and eggs on a pizza.  I must be a fool to not yet taste their buffalo wings but I have heard from some people that it is great.  This was my 3rd visit so I ordered the BMC (bacon, mushroom, cheese) pizza, onion rings and cheesy bacon burger.

Sorry, I took this picture late.  I guess somebody was a little hungry.  Yeah, you will never guess who that is.  </sarcasm>  I have been a fan of house blend iced teas so I had to taste the iced tea here.

The Breakfast Delight pizza is a real treat. It has eggs, sausage and bacon.  You won't see those ingredients in a pizza that often.

Cheesy bacon burger. This one may be too big for some but it's still good.

The Place

The owners are there but don't really entertain the customers anyway. The place has wi-fi so you have something to do while waiting for the food.

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