M stands for Misunderstood

It is my first time reviewing a buffet so you have to bear with me.  I don't really go into the salad and seafood parts so don't expect any mention of that.  It's my 3rd time at Marriott Cafe and the buffet really made my tummy look like I am 5 months pregnant. 

The Main Course

I am not a fan of sushi so don't expect any mention of them here except for this picture.

The pizza is usually something I would look forward to in this buffet but today was disappointing as it was a sausage pizza stuffed crust.

The buffet is small compared to other hotels as you would be limited to a few choices so you would be able to take a look at what the buffet has to offer in a 1 minute.  There's American food, Chinese food and Filipino food.

I had 3 slices of rib eye steak and a ton of shrimp tempura and hakaw.  Those were my favorites so the buffet was decent.

The Dessert

I loved today's selection of desserts as it has most of my favorites including banana cake, tiramisu, mango cheesecake and delicious ice cream.  The only thing missing is a crepe maker but that can be forgiven.

3/5 stars

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