Tea Tap Cafe

The Food (and drinks)

Order anything from their short menu and you will be satisfied.  You will love the crispy wings that tastes like bon chon and the takoyaki.  Of course, their drinks are the reason people fill up the place.  You can choose from a wide range of delicious drinks from the peachy yakult to the wintermelon milk tea.

The Service 

This is one area where the place needs improvement.  I don't get why you have to call the name of your customers so they could get their drinks at the counter.  You have some staff there who can serve the drinks to them, why not do that?  There was even one time where the cashier laughed at me because I forgot to give back the number. These people obviously don't know proper customer service.

The Place

While you are waiting for your drinks, you can surf the net as there is a fast (but sometimes slow) Internet here.  There are even some cool sunglasses so you can take a picture of yourself while wearing them.  


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YANI ayon kay ...

I am interested. Where is this place exactly located?

Aldous ayon kay ...

P. guevarra street, San juan

near wilson

guy who owns this also owns kozui, tomas morato

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