Birthday Dinner at Alba

There is nothing like celebrating my 25th birthday with my mother at one of my favorite buffets in town.  Unfortunately, their food seems to have deteriorated in terms of taste.  It's been a long time since I ate at Alba.  It was like two years ago and most of the choices remain the same like roast beef, lechon, paella and the dessert.

Thanks to my mom for a wonderful surprise and to the APO Hiking Society for a not so wonderful song.  They actually sang in Chinese (!).  I wonder if they realized I did not understand a word they said and I am sure they did not either.  Unfortunately, I don't like chocolate so I was not able to eat the cake.

It's your dose of good carbohydrates with vegetables and pasta.  These two did not live up to expectations.

The most popular paella of them all tries to become the victim of being too burned.

Stuffed chicken.  It tastes like embutido so you should stay away from it if you are not a fan.  I am not.

Roast beef.  It was dry which was understandable because it was there for a long time.

Lechon is one of their specialties but this one is far from being desirable.

The dessert was not impressive despite the heavy price tag which is around 760 per head.

Okay, so I'm not 25. But who cares right?  After all, it is all about the food and not about me.

1.5/5 stars

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