Team Aldous 78, Yellows 76

Think Team Aldous is going down? Think again.

With only 6 players dressed up, Team Aldous still managed to find a way to beat the Yellows 78-76.

The Yellows were up 76-75 with 17 seconds left.  General Manager Aldous Calubad was fouled then sank the first but missed the 2nd.  Team Aldous had the rebound with the game tied. Paeng faked a 3 then passed it to Aldous who made a blind pass to Chris Lim for the game winning shot.

"Everybody loved the assist but not my game winning shot?" Chris said. "Seriously?"

The odds were never more stacked against Team Aldous as star center Cyril Ramirez missed the game to attend a gay friend's graduation.  Okay, so it was his own graduation.  Vergel Matias also missed the game with flu like symptoms.

"When will you people learn?" Playing coach Aldous Calubad who had 11 points to go along with 11 rebounds said. "Our team is deeper than the Pacific Ocean."

The Yellow team were up 6 at halftime and led as much as 14 midway through the 3rd quarter.  Everyone started heading through the exits when Team Aldous staged a rally in the 4th quarter led by 3 3point shots each by Reggie and Michael de Leon.

"Fortunately, I had my shooting touch today." Reggie who had 15 pts on 5/7 3 pt FG said. "There was not much defense so they paid the price."

The game had its share of physicality.  Both Reggie and Michael de Leon were tagged with technical fouls.

"I asked the referee what I said to get the T."  Reggie said. "For some reason, he doesn't know either."

Team Aldous now holds an undefeated record of 3-0 along with the Black team.  Unlike the Black team, all of the victories of Team Aldous have been by 5 points or less.

"I am all about keeping the fans on the edge of their seats." Coach Aldous Calubad said. "We are intentionally keeping the games close so they will have something to cheer about."

MVP candidate Michael de Leon had his 3rd 30 point game of the young season. He was even labeled as a white Derrick Rose by an announcer who does not know who Russell Westbrook is.

"I was just being aggressive and slashing to the hoop." he said. "Taking no prisoners is my mission."

With this win, Team Aldous now assures that they will be going to the quarter finals.  They just don't know who they would face from the other bracket.

"We feel we can take on anybody." Paeng Enriquez who had an off night with 1/5 3 point shooting said. " Our confidence is so high right now"

Birthday Dinner at Alba

There is nothing like celebrating my 25th birthday with my mother at one of my favorite buffets in town.  Unfortunately, their food seems to have deteriorated in terms of taste.  It's been a long time since I ate at Alba.  It was like two years ago and most of the choices remain the same like roast beef, lechon, paella and the dessert.

Thanks to my mom for a wonderful surprise and to the APO Hiking Society for a not so wonderful song.  They actually sang in Chinese (!).  I wonder if they realized I did not understand a word they said and I am sure they did not either.  Unfortunately, I don't like chocolate so I was not able to eat the cake.

It's your dose of good carbohydrates with vegetables and pasta.  These two did not live up to expectations.

The most popular paella of them all tries to become the victim of being too burned.

Stuffed chicken.  It tastes like embutido so you should stay away from it if you are not a fan.  I am not.

Roast beef.  It was dry which was understandable because it was there for a long time.

Lechon is one of their specialties but this one is far from being desirable.

The dessert was not impressive despite the heavy price tag which is around 760 per head.

Okay, so I'm not 25. But who cares right?  After all, it is all about the food and not about me.

1.5/5 stars

Red Buffalo @ GTC

We just discovered a new place to hang out and it is Greenhills Town Center.  The place is like a smaller version of Serendra and the best part about it is it does not too many people.  The first time I went there, I ate at Red Buffalo and I have yet to try the other restaurants.

The Food

All the pizzas are a must try especially the Breakfast pizza as you won't often see sausages and eggs on a pizza.  I must be a fool to not yet taste their buffalo wings but I have heard from some people that it is great.  This was my 3rd visit so I ordered the BMC (bacon, mushroom, cheese) pizza, onion rings and cheesy bacon burger.

Sorry, I took this picture late.  I guess somebody was a little hungry.  Yeah, you will never guess who that is.  </sarcasm>  I have been a fan of house blend iced teas so I had to taste the iced tea here.

The Breakfast Delight pizza is a real treat. It has eggs, sausage and bacon.  You won't see those ingredients in a pizza that often.

Cheesy bacon burger. This one may be too big for some but it's still good.

The Place

The owners are there but don't really entertain the customers anyway. The place has wi-fi so you have something to do while waiting for the food.

M stands for Misunderstood

It is my first time reviewing a buffet so you have to bear with me.  I don't really go into the salad and seafood parts so don't expect any mention of that.  It's my 3rd time at Marriott Cafe and the buffet really made my tummy look like I am 5 months pregnant. 

The Main Course

I am not a fan of sushi so don't expect any mention of them here except for this picture.

The pizza is usually something I would look forward to in this buffet but today was disappointing as it was a sausage pizza stuffed crust.

The buffet is small compared to other hotels as you would be limited to a few choices so you would be able to take a look at what the buffet has to offer in a 1 minute.  There's American food, Chinese food and Filipino food.

I had 3 slices of rib eye steak and a ton of shrimp tempura and hakaw.  Those were my favorites so the buffet was decent.

The Dessert

I loved today's selection of desserts as it has most of my favorites including banana cake, tiramisu, mango cheesecake and delicious ice cream.  The only thing missing is a crepe maker but that can be forgiven.

3/5 stars

Tea Tap Cafe

The Food (and drinks)

Order anything from their short menu and you will be satisfied.  You will love the crispy wings that tastes like bon chon and the takoyaki.  Of course, their drinks are the reason people fill up the place.  You can choose from a wide range of delicious drinks from the peachy yakult to the wintermelon milk tea.

The Service 

This is one area where the place needs improvement.  I don't get why you have to call the name of your customers so they could get their drinks at the counter.  You have some staff there who can serve the drinks to them, why not do that?  There was even one time where the cashier laughed at me because I forgot to give back the number. These people obviously don't know proper customer service.

The Place

While you are waiting for your drinks, you can surf the net as there is a fast (but sometimes slow) Internet here.  There are even some cool sunglasses so you can take a picture of yourself while wearing them.  


UCC? More like U CAN'T C ME

The Food

The taste of the food here is decent but you will get something better somewhere else at a much cheaper price. 

The Service

Are you kidding me? I had to follow up the bill twice.  It is not like the place is full since it was a weekday.  The service charge is outrageous for a group of people who won't give you water if you don't ask for it.  You will also find out that the water tastes bad because they mixed it with lemon.  

The Price

Everything on the menu is not worth the price.  It is that horrible.  You will regret spending any money for any item here. The Blue Mountain Blend coffee here is priced at 400 and it is arguably the most expensive coffee I have ever seen.  If you want to know if it tastes like gold then the answer to that is No.

The Bottom Line

The place may be an ideal place to share some stories and cigarette butts but everything else stinks.  Don't ever go here.  There are so many coffee shops around town so you have a lot of other options to choose from other than this dump.  UCC? More like U can't C ME.

1/5 stars